Thursday, July 9, 2009

Related Product by Tag words - Solution

I have got a nice solution for the tag keyword and related post problem.

Here I want to illustrate the problem first. Suppose you have few books to post with some keywords.

C++ in 7 days

Book, Programming, computer, C

Advance MySql

Book ,Programming, computer, database

Harry Potter

Novel, Fantasy,

Anatomy handbook

Book, Medical

Advance C

Programming, computer, C

Now whenever I want to view the related books of c++ in 7 days. The books will be as following as the tag weight

1. Advance C

2. Advance MYSql

3. Anatomy book.

But the problem I described at the previous post is I have to query each time for each tag. To solve this problem I used the ‘TOXI Solution’ Method.

I split the books and tags into two different db tables. And they have many to many relationships (m n).

Book: bookId(PK), Book Name

Tag: tagId(PK), tagWord

And to develop the relationship another relational table

TagMap: Id(PK), bookId(FK), tagId(FK)

Now the query will be

SELECT b.*,@p1 = ''

FROM TagMap bt, Book b, Tag t

WHERE bt.tagId = t.tagId

AND (t.tagId IN (SELECT @p1 := tagId FROM TagMap WHERE bookId = '1'))

AND = bt.bookId AND <> '1'


HAVING (COUNT( )<= count(@p1) AND COUNT( >= 1) LIMIT 0,3

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